Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Give ME The Finger, Will You?

I didn't see this happen, but it was too horrible of a story not to repeat. What you have to know is that that jumpseat of ours (which is the not-quite-as-comfortable-as-your-seat seat that FAs have to sit in) slides into the wall when stowed, and to deploy it, you have to slide it out and lock it into a slot on the other side of the flight deck doorway (or lavatory doorway, if you're in the back). The slot design is circa industrial revolution, and usually the seat is so gunked up that you have to apply serious force to it to get it to slide out. Having been given all this information, you can probably predict where this is going, but the horrible story part is this: on this last trip I heard over the flight deck radio that a plane had to return to the gate because a flight attendant sliced her finger off with the jumpseat. Ick. This job gets more and more mundanely dangerous every day.


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