Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow Pumpkin At Play

Usually at pumpkin carving time, I go for either an Ernie or a Bert. You know, a squat and round one or a tall and ovoid one. In both cases, I try to find one that's in pretty good condition. But this year, I saw one that looked like another pumpkin had punched it in the not-face. Well, I just couldn't leave it in that kind of domestic situation, so I swept it up and, when it came to design time, I just let the rumpled contours guide me. And you know what? It came out pretty good, if a little 'special.' So here's to those roughed-up pumpkins neglected in corners of pumpkin patches everywhere... may you all find your outer face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing what preservatives do to produce these days...

6:48 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

Congratulations, you're ready to have children.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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