Friday, September 26, 2008

Con Air

Most of the passengers that get on our planes are regular free-roaming civilians. But occasionally, there will be an individual who, for whatever reason, owes a debt to society and is escorted by a few law enforcement officers. I've had a few prisoners on the plane so far, but I forgot I hadn't told you about it. A guy will get on board who looks like any other guy, followed by a guy with a jacket over his clasped hands, and then another looks-like-any-other-guy guy. The thing about the two regular guys is that they're police, and the thing about the middle guy is that his hands are not so really clasped as cuffed. They usually sit in the back of the plane, and things always go smoothly. The prisoner never wants anything to drink, I think maybe because the escorts told him he didn't, but they're always smiley and polite. That confuses me because they're going from one jail to another jail. The escorts are pretty amusing; a lot of the time they look like accountants, but sometimes you'd rather take your chances with the prisoner than with them. Of note is that, in the FA manual, it says that prisoners may not be cuffed to any part of the airplane, I guess so that if we land in the ocean (you know, that one between Wichita and Sacramento) and the plane fills up with water, the prisoner can get out too. But I just don't think I'm going to be telling a pair of police escorts their business, you know what I mean?
So far I haven't had a 'living weapon' prisoner in leg cuffs yet, but that will be cool when I do.


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