Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Auto Affirmation

You may know this by now because I've bagged on gate agents so much, but the process is: the gate agent comes out to the plane if it's more than twenty minutes before departure, and sees if we're ready to board by soliciting a thumbs-up. This is a two person process... one person cannot do it alone. Which is why I thought it was both funny and sad that yesterday a gate agent stumbled onto the plane while I was in the back and, obviously in a state of confusion and disarray, gave himself a thumbs-up and almost sent passengers out. WAOW. Some people really need to calm down.


Anonymous sandtalker said...

He was just really self assured?

7:11 PM  
Anonymous zb said...

Although I've been to the City a couple of times, the thing about the underground sidewalks was completely new to me. Have you checked out the locks, too?

1:23 AM  

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