Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back Row Tango

Normally, and I think I've mentioned this before, passengers flip out when they see they're sitting in the last row. I don't wanna sit next to the bathroom. These seats don't recline. I have to walk so far to get back here, and even longer to get back off the plane. Well, on a fifty-minute hop, you just listen to the whining and kick these people around in your mind when they're gone, but on a three hour flight, it works a little different. See, the FA rules say that on long flights, you're allowed to sit in a passenger seat (provided there isn't a passenger already in it [unless they're into that {and if you look really hard on the internet, you'll find where I posted those stories}]). And usually, we head for the back row, because it's the only seat on the bus where no one can lean in from behind and ask you if you're a flight attendant. Most FAs will try to pre-clear the back row as passengers board for this express purpose. I can move you to another seat, sir... these ones don't recline... and they're really so awfully far from the front. And naturally, the only damn time someone doesn't have a problem with the back row is on one of these four-hour anti-chiropractic extravaganzas. They sit there with their hands laced behind their heads as if they were reclining, smiling and saying ahhh a lot. You know, kind of the opposite way from the way we're both sitting, crammed into the galley like dirty clothes in a laundry bag.
Oh well. That's life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If i am ever on your flight and I am back there, you can have my seat if I can sit in the galley. that back seat is like sitting in a giant torture vibrator.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

You've obviously never sat in a galley.

1:45 AM  
Blogger crazyscot said...

The back row doesn't work like that on at least the UK budget airlines, who don't like to pay for the jet bridge and instead use stairs at both the front and rear doors. It gets people on and off twice as quick, you see, meaning they can shave their turnaround times even further.

3:46 AM  

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