Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gate Agents Part 2, Or Why Don't You Watch Where I'm Going?

We've already established that there are some gate agents that should be cared for by the state. This last one was a doozy. She couldn't agree on a passenger count with us, even though the passengers were all right there on the plane, able to be counted. She brought several other gate agents out to disagree with us on the count, and insisted that they all crowd into the two-man galley with us to perform the disagreeing. I announce that we have 62 people, she disagrees, the other gate agents nod, she tells the pilot they all disagree, the pilot calls operations, operations says ask the flight attendant, and then the whole process repeats, and each time the gate agent gets more and more flustered. You know how you can actually see it when some people start to fragment under pressure? Well, that's what this lady did, until at the very end, she hopped back onto the plane from the jetway and ran right into the other FA. Like forehead-to-forehead. I actually heard their skulls connect. It wasn't an offensive maneuver... she just flipped out and, in that flipped out condition, just thought that someone standing in her way wouldn't be an obstacle at that point in her life. Wow. Waow. What a maroon.
I had suspected this before, but I can tell you authoritatively now that getting a passenger count is made more difficult by having two semi-conscious airline employees on the galley floor. Plus if you count the tweety birds going around their heads, the count goes up by about eight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus, how hard can it be to hold a point at; say number 34, when you are giggling?

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