Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008... Right?

I find it amusing how this job plays up the everyday while playing down the holiday. I can have a lot of fun on overnights on days named things like Thursday, while oftentimes missing things like Thanksgiving altogether. "What? Yesterday was Easter?" And so it was with this past New Year's Eve. Here at the end of this four day trip, I find I cannot remember what city I was in when it became 2008. I remember the shape of the hotel room, and that there were fireworks outside that woke me up (early showtime the next day is bad for staying up late), but where was I? No clue. Good thing I wasn't the one pulling the switch to bring in the new year. But they do say that any party you can't remember must have been a good one.
So happy 2008, everyone. Hope you remember where you were.


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