Saturday, December 15, 2007

Even More Pilot Stories

One pilot I flew with this last time tells a story about how he once overheard a pilot say, "Man, I'm bored," over the radio. Apparently it's bad to chatter on the air, because immediately an FAA goon replied, "You're in violation of eighteen regulations! Who is this?" And the pilot came back with, "I said I was bored, not stupid."
Another one tells a story about a conversation he heard on the runway. One of our pilots had just landed, and he saw one of those needlessly huge jets execute a hard landing behind him. Now, the bigger the aircraft, the bigger the ego, and this other pilot starts making fun of our RJ (which stands for Regional Jet, by the way). "How is it flying those Recycled Jets?" he quips.
"Not bad," says our guy. "A few more landings like yours and we'll have enough parts to build ourselves a new one!"


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