Friday, October 12, 2007

A Naughty Announcement

One of the things we check during the preflight inspection is the interphone. You check to see if it rings in the flight deck, you check to see if it rings on the other end of the bird where the aft attendant is. And you also do a mike check to see if it goes out to the passengers. Everyone has their own test phrase. Most folks say, "Testing. Testing." By know you should know that ain't me. My phrase is, "MONKEY!" Or, occasionally, "For a transcript of tonight's program, simply write down everything you hear."
Another one going around that I rejected quite out of hand is, "Testies! Testies!" There's already enough cute and effeminate in this business without me flouncing about chirruping something like that over the interphone. But there were levels of which I was not aware to this phrase. I slowly came to notice that, trip after trip, that it was only the female crewmembers that sounded off with this phrase. You know what? I don't think there's an 'i' in it the way they say it.
And I'm damn sure not saying that.


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