Monday, October 08, 2007

New And Improved Apartment! Now With 90% Less Reek!

So after months of friendly, not so friendly, and then aggressive negotiations with the landlord, I finally got cleared to move into another apartment in the complex. And this one is not stinky... thus I shall begin the process of moving in furniture, which should have been begun six damn months ago. Yes, I'm still sleeping on that air mattress.
The new balcony faces south, and I can just see the Wasatch front if I look left.

Straight in front of me is a dungeon-like underground parking garage. I like to drive through there. It's like a scary car wash with no water, and I'm sure it'll come in handy when snow starts happening.

Off to the right is a cemetery. You can't quite see it past that tree, but it's there.

I've got the Chinatown wind chimes up, and so at least the balcony is home. I'll post pictures of the inside as soon as it looks like something other than an empty apartment.


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