Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home From Recurrent

All flight crew has to go back to school once a year for refresher training. Dubbed 'Recurrent' in the literal style, this two-day class takes FAs through their initial training at neck-snapping speed. You go back over both what the emergency equipment does and where it's at on the plane. You put out a fire. You perform emergency evacuations on all the planes we fly. And then there's the test that, if you fail, you get taken off the job until such time as you can either pass the test or get another job.
I knew about all that going in. What I didn't know is that the FAs that have been to more than one recurrent have a tradition of going out the night of the first day and getting tanked in an effort to whittle the class down for the next day. I shouldn'a drank. I knew I shouldn'a. But I did. And I made it to class the next day. But it hurt.
But all pain was forgotten as I was leaving. On the way out of the parking lot, I saw this:

That right there is how not to drive a van. Not only was I surprised and amused, I was impressed. How fast of a turn do you have to be taking to drive over a boulder? I know it probably ruined that lady's day, but as I've said before, I'm kind of a jerk, and so it made mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shoot. I thought you were talking about her fanny pack!

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