Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Nutritious Meal

I may have mentioned before that there are a few different kinds of crew meals. Grabbed a snapshot of this one, because I figured you'd all like to know what's in the red one. We call this one the Sodium Overload, because that's exactly what it does. Up front there we have the salsa, which goes with those venerable laid-back blue corn chips, Stoned Classics. I still say that sounds like an album. Moving across, we have Jack Links, which are beef jerky in the way that Tootsie Rolls are chocolate. In the middle there is the trail mix, which has off-brand M&Ms in it (you can tell because there's no Ms) but is still coated with salt. In fact, the only thing in this one that isn't NaCl-based is the Lorna Doones. And the napkin.
A word about Lorna Doone. These shortbread cookies are second only to Doubletree's fare, and only by a few microns. It seemed a strange name to put on a square cookie, so I dove in. Discovered that Lorna Doone is the name of a novel written in 1869. Lorna herself is a long lost heiress to a family title, and after much forbidden love and arranged marriage, she gets shot but doesn't die. And, you know, knowing that somehow doesn't make it any more sensical a name for a cookie. But at least now we know.


Blogger philip said...

YES! I always wanted to know what the crew eats and now have a glimpse into those secret and forbidden realms. Thank you Phil for pulling back the veil just a bit for us mortals. !!!

10:34 PM  

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