Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wait... WHERE Are We?

Today, right after we landed in Toronto (in Canada, just north-ish of New York), the gate agent got on the plane and told me to page a certain passenger. I did, and when I asked this agent why, he said that this passenger was actually supposed to have gotten on a plane to Calgary (in Canada, just north-ish of Montana). I had always heard of things like that happening, but I had never seen one till then. I watched in anticipation as the gate agent took this guy a short distance away from the plane and delivered the bad news. Looked like that scene you always see in hospital shows where the guy with everything hears he has six months to live. You want to feel bad for the guy, you really do, especially when you watch the realization hit him in dumbshow that he is several hundred miles away from his important business meeting, but I know I said 'Toronto' several times before we took off, as did the aft flight attendant, both pilots, and several gate agents, and the flashy red marquee over the gate read TORONTO, NOT CALGARY. But I didn't... because, like I have stated previously, I'm a jerk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He deserved it! L.M.

10:49 AM  

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