Saturday, July 14, 2007

Melts In The Plane, Not In Your... Wait, What?

Now that it's summer, I'm noticing little things that the Utah heat affects... for example, the crew meals. Most of the stuff in the crew meals is heat-resistant (the not-Gouda fares well, of course, because it's not Gouda). But there's also a bite-size Toblerone wedge in there, and it doesn't do so well outdoors. I envision the rest of the food in there waiting, rock climbing boots and Camelbaks on, prepared for whatever adventure lies ahead, while over in the corner sits the Toblerone, hunched over the video game system, headset on, talking trash to internet opponents. And when I open the box, everyone comes tumbling out ready and giggling, except for the Toblerone, who dons shades and whines, "Man, I'm not going out there... that's sunlight!"
Most of the time, the erstwhile triangle shape is twisted into a double helix, or smashed flat into a bow tie. And you have to toss it in the ice bin to cool it solid enough to where you can open it again.
It's a rough life.


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