Friday, July 13, 2007

Extraterrestrial Space Technology

There are air vents inside the cockpit, there presumably to keep the pilots alive. And when the temperature is close enough to the dew point, these air vents blow fog for a few minutes when you first start them up. Really makes the cockpit look like the control panel of an alien vessel. Way cool. Of course, there are these same vents down the ceiling, right over the overhead bins, and the fog comes out of there too. And passengers don't think that's as cool as I do. Mostly they huddle in their seats in fear till it stops, but there's always that one clueless guy who raises his hand and asks, "Do you know your plane is smoking?"
"It's OK," I usually say. "The no smoking sign's not on yet."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen this a couple of times. It's very reassuring when you see the FA ignore it completely as s/he strolls down the aisle. But now I realize how W. Shatner felt when nobody else saw the creature on the wing!

7:06 AM  

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