Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baton Rouge, From Way Up There

Got this shot as we were headed to New Orleans, flying south and slightly west. There's a point-down triangle of lights roughly in the middle, and that's Airline Hwy (left side), Florida Blvd (top side), and Plank (right side). You can see Cortana Mall there where Airline and Florida meet (or The Mall at Cortana, as it's so pretentiously monikered now). That white pinpoint along Plank near Florida may or may not be Tiger Stadium. From there, you can kinda infer the black streak of the Mississippi, though it's hard to pick out the bridges. I kinda thought the interstate and the airport would show up better. Maybe next time I'll get the pilots to barnstorm the Capitol Building and get better shots.


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So close, yet...

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