Friday, July 20, 2007

Annuncio Interruptus

From earliest days, I was taught that when someone is talking, it's rude to interrupt. L.M. will back me up on this, only she'll wait till I'm done typing to do so. Always amazes me, though, how many people seem to think it's OK to just plow on through an existing conversation. And what gets me most is the people who try to do this while I'm actually making an announcement on the plane.
Two days ago, a guy who we'll call Interrupting Bastard decided he wanted to go to the bathroom while I was in the middle of the pre-departure speech. So he half stood and started mouthing, "BATHROOM? BATHROOM? BATHROOM?" for a great part of the announcement. And when it became clear that he had not derailed me enough to halt a federally mandated safety briefing to attend to his personal needs, he started making cutesy little finger-walking motions for the rest of the announcement. The predeparture announcement is easily two minutes long, and this urinally-challenged space-waster was waving and making faces for almost the entire thing. After that, on my way through the cabin, Mr. Bastard grabbed me to ask if it was OK to use the bathroom. I smiled and made cutesy little pointing motions to the very illuminated seatbelt sign.
What I shoulda did was mention to Mr. Bastard during the announcement that only good little boys who don't interrupt can go to the bathroom. I'm doing that next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't borrow a "cell phone in theater" line and stop your spiel entirely to say, "Oh, certainly, sir, go right ahead. We'll all wait while you GO TO THE BATHROOM." (Oh, wait, did I interrupt you? Excuse me!) L.M.

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