Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Other Carolina

Forgot to mention this, but a while back I made it to North Carolina, which officially rounds out all the southern states (even though it's North Carolina). My high school friend Trey (he's not old or anything) and his lovely soon-to-be-doctor wife Ashley moved there a few years back, and I spent a couple of days catching up.
North Carolina is green and rumply. The roads either go up or down. There is no flat. People all have decks, and have never heard of a patio. Trey and I went driving in search of something to find, and he related to me the story of how the original Krispy Kreme donut shop had been right there in NC, and even though Krispy Kreme exploded in popularity everywhere else, they failed miserably where they started. So apparently all my high school friends moved to where there are or are not donuts.
Ashley caught up with us at a burger joint by cleverly checking their checking account to see where the last food purchase was (doctoral candidates are known to be clever), and we all three retired to their abode, where their cat and dog were wierd. The dog was wierd because it was a rescue dog and therefore was afraid of me even though it was as big as me, and the cat was wierd because it would routinely sneeze for two minutes straight.
Trey had a speeding ticket to take care of (Trey is known to drive in a celerous manner [that's not an admission of guilt]), and so I got to check out downtown Raleigh. Lots of college bars. There was a massive acorn in the center of a park (I think it was a sculpture, though). Got to talk to a real live lawyer. Saw some more bars whose entrances led underground. Neat place, though there was still no flat.
North Carolina is now done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celerous - did you make that up? If you did, what did you mean it to mean?

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odd, I didn't even recognize that as not being a word. However, confirms that fact. I guess that is what a minor in Latin will do for you. ("Celer" being Latin for "fast".) I can be taken in and end up believing people's made-up words.

--- Nat.

8:11 PM  

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