Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ladies And Gentlemen... DUCKS

Back to Memphis again. Turns out the hotel we stay in is right across from the Famous Peabody Hotel. Know why this hotel is famous? If you said 'ducks,' you'd be right. And you could also probably read.
The story, as it was told to me, is thus: back in the olden days, like before TV even, some rich guy had a hotel built. And after a hunting trip from which he shot no ducks, his crappy hunting buddies put some live ducks in the expensive Italian marble fountain in the lobby to remind him that he shot no ducks. But people loved the ducks. And people who love ducks have money. So this rich bad shot found an ex-circus trainer to train the ducks to stay in the fountain, and eventually to march to it from the elevators. And so began the Peabody Ducks.
Who told me this? It was an emcee with a microphone, and he also told about two hundred gawkers at the same time, standing around in the hotel lobby at 10:56AM along with me:
After the story, he named two local VIPs 'duckmasters,' and had them go up the elevator. And when they came back down at eleven sharp (complete with timpani drum roll), they had five ducks in tow. And these little flappy birds waddled down this red carpet with velvet ropes, to damn John Philip Souza, no less, and plopped into the fountain like they had good sense.

And apparently they stay there every day until five, when they retire back up the elevator.
This is why I love America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe you slipped that picture of the hotel sign in with no comment. PEA-boy??? Whoop! Holler!!!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Atendea said...

I love that place. Trained ducks...awesome marketing concept. I mean, really? Who comes up with that?! Greatness!
"Hey buddy, I know you're looking to attract a higher end client than these other dives around town. You know what you need? DUCKS! Yeah, you heard me...ducks!"

2:59 PM  
Blogger Clarence said...

I racked up many a stay at that very Peabody back in 1999 and 2000. My girlfriend at the time was attending Rhodes College, and I would make the colossally ill-advised "romantic" gesture of visiting almost weekly, and occasionally splurging for a room at the (very very very very expensive) Peabody.

I am embarassed.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

The one time I visited The Peabody, the ducks, revolted just before they reached the fountain and took off in any and all directions; most amusingly, one chose to seek refuge in the gift shop.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Indigeaux said...

You had me at the Photo.

I agree with your mom. . .not one word about the "Peaboy" sign?!

6:06 AM  

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