Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Toronto By Night

I had been to Toronto once before, when I took 810 out for its inaugural run. While I was there that time, I strolled a distance of maybe two hundred steps away from the hotel. This time, the captain rented a car, and we all jumped in and struck deep into downtown.

Toronto is made of glass, as shown here. We walked around and observed various things before settling into a jazz bar called the Rex Hotel, where we made the aquaintance of Swing Rosie.

They're a local female three-part harmony swing group, and they are fantastic. Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrews Sisters, all that kind of thing. Amazing to me how a particular style of singing can defy your eyes; visually, Swing Rosie is three ladies in modern clothes in the 21st century, but aurally they are three Rosie Riveters singing their boys home from the war. That is, of course, when they stick to traditional pieces... once they broke into some Oasis, and for their last song they pulled out some cleverly arranged AC/DC.
Here I also discovered that Molson gives me a headache. Probably my fault for drinking so much of it...


Anonymous Shannon said...

Hey Phil,
Thanks for mentioning our band!! I'm glad you liked the show and our AC/DC cover!

12:09 PM  

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