Friday, February 16, 2007

Nevada... The Twenty-Eighth State

Overnighted in Reno last night. That's right... that gaping hole on the left side of the Where The Hell I've Been Map is gone forever.
Wish the actual overnight had been as sweeping as that last sentence. Oddly enough, it's a place with a lot of gambling establishments. We stayed at a place called The Nugget. That makes me think of a chicken nugget, which is rather small, but this place had enough floors for us to be on the 18th. Went down to ground level to try to find an eatery, but it was only gambling places as far as one could see. What do Nevadians eat? I was not amused with these places, having worked on a gambling boat for a short time. Slot machines are like video games that require no skill. If I put money into a machine, it better let me shoot something or eat something.
I ate a box of Wheat Thins procured from a gas station. Health food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you gotta work on OK and KS.


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