Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Missouri - The Not-Green State

I've added number 27 up there... good old Missouri.
Previously, the only thing I knew about Missouri was that is was one of those that was in the middle of the US, and thus one of the ones whose place I could never find in the big wooden US puzzle I had when I was two. I have a faint memory that it was a green puzzle piece, Missouri. Now I've been there, to a place called Kansas City (which I confess I always thought was somewhere in Kansas), and the very last thing it was was green.
They'd just been hit by ice storms and snow earlier, and so when my friend Misty came to pick me up from the hotel, it was all white (and dark, since it was night). We did Waffle House, which means it's a southern state, even though it's directly in the middle. And I asked the shuttle driver who took us to the airport in the morning what the deal was with the 'show-me state' thing. She explained that Missourians are noted for their stubborn demeanors, and must be shown things, or they won't believe them. So basically, they're Louisianians, just further north.
Missouri is now done.


Blogger Indigeaux said...

Those of use who have actually lived there lovingly refer to it as "Misery".

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