Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Do I Really Feel The Way I Feel?

Tennessee. I've known I was going to Memphis since the first of January, and so have had that damn song stuck in my head for weeks. You know, that one about your feet ten feet offa Beale. They put us in a corporate nest about ten thousand miles from anywhere, and so technically, while I was walking in Memphis, my feet were ten feet offa Beale. There was a restaurant that would have picked me up from the hotel in a pink limousine, but we got there too late for that too. W.C. Handy was not looking down over me, nor was Marc Cohn (nor Cher, apparently). So, as blue as a boy can be, I add the 26th state to the WTHIB Map, and resolve to get there earlier next time so I can be waiting for the King down in the Jungle Room.


Anonymous zb said...

Of all songs that airlines play in the cabin after touchdown and while taxiing in to the gate, this is the worst. Like, totally, the worst. It was probably chosen by airlines because of its gentle melody and because airlines think that a gentle melody might keep passengers calm and seated until the plane gets to a final stop and the captain turns of the seatbelt signs or something, but for me, this flippin' muzak has the exact opposite effect: I want to rip the whole seat and window and lifejacket and armrest and seatback pocket and barfbag and in-flight magazine to flippin' pieces. I wish they could play ghetto tech or gangsta hiphop or screamo punk just one time instead of this poppy song of a b!t#X. Really. Muzak may work for most, but definitely not for me.

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