Monday, January 29, 2007

Austin, Or The Coolest Movie Theater Ever

So this week I actually got to go to Austin, being on the same trip I was on last week, but this week, and no bizarre ice storms happening there. I met up with my old hero, arch-nemesis, and fellow improv actor Arthur, and we toured Austin. First up was one of the original Gutenberg Bibles, made famous because they were the first books printed with movable type. I suppose they might also be famous because God's in them, which is important to Catholics. The Congress Avenue Bridge was next, and it's important because within its rusty folds sleep somewhere around two million bats. That's the largest bat colony in America, and Arthur says that there was all manner of effort to eradicate them until Echelons Above Common Sense realized that the bats were actually eating several tons of insects a night. I'm going back there in the summer to see their nightly egress... it's supposed to be the opposite of fireworks.
Somewhere during the day, Blue Sky Cola took the number one spot on my Worst Off-Brand Colas Ever list.
Lastly, we hit the Wierd Wednesday midnight show at The Alamo Drafthouse. This theater has a bar in place of every other row, which makes it part drive-in. We saw quite possibly the worst spaghetti western ever created, a goofy Italian-made horror called Get Mean. That's for another entry, because this entry will become a novel if I even get started on how bad (and thus, how funny) this movie was.
Austin is now done.


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