Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Little Pilot In You

I'd heard this guy was out there in the fleet, but it wasn't till four days ago that I finally got to fly with Captain Morgan. Not the big black-haired pirate guy who puts his foot on stuff... this guy's an unassuming Mormon whose last name just happens to be Morgan. But try saying that to a bunch of passengers:

ME: Your flight crew tonight is Captain Morgan and First Offic-
PASSENGERS (putting feet on stuff): ARRRR!

Over the course of the four day trip, I discovered that the passengers going haywire at the mention of this guy's name was dependent on just how straight-faced my delivery was. If I said 'Captain Morgan' as if I were saying 'Mister Rogers,' no big deal. Maybe one guy would look up. But if I cracked, if I even showed one whit of fear, ARRRR! And feet on stuff.
A funny side note: on the last day of this trip, Morgan came down with a cold and took himself off the trip. And since he was training the co-pilot, the co-pilot went with him. So they threw in a new crew on me, with completely new names. Got their first names when I met them, because we were rushed. That I hadn't gotten their last names only hit me later, when I was already pounding through the 'your flight crew tonight is' announcement. So I just introduced Captain Solo and First Officer Bacca. Oddly enough, no one even noticed.


Blogger Clarence said...

I love you.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Aviatrix said...


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Blogger Yellowbird said...

It's hard to read this stuff at work - I have to fake coughing or sneezing to mask the laughs adn it concerns my coworkers.

12:25 PM  

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