Friday, December 22, 2006

Denver Under Siege

Denver, as I'm sure you've heard, got a little snow. That means you, the civilian, say, "Wow," and go about your day. I, as a flight attendant, say "Aw, man," because I'm gonna sit on a plane with impatient passengers way longer that I'm supposed to have to.
But if you're a ramper (the guys who work out on the ramp [which is what they call the driveway where the planes go {a confusing name, because the ramp is not on an incline at all}]), you try very hard not to quit your job and move to Tijuana. Here's why:
That is a lot of snow. There's kind of a friendly rivalry going on betwixt the flight attendants and the rampers, as there always will be between people who wear ties in air conditioned comfort and people who lift heavy stuff wearing weather gear. But today I bow down to the rampers, who are the ones doing the work. If you took a plane somewhere this week and made it at all, it was because of them.


Blogger chris said...

OMG! A triple-nested bracket!!

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OMG! A triple-nested bracket!!

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OMG! A triple-nested bracket!!

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