Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today I added the 24th state... New Mexico. If you're a history teacher, this has to be driving you nuts, because I'm pretty sure New Mexico was not the 24th state. Anyway, Albuquerque is where we stayed the night, and that's hard to spell. It's also hard to find a place to eat with two finicky pilots. We walked up and down the college strip for an hour and a half before settling on the Applebee's that we had actually picked out first. Now, if you're a Bugs Bunny fan, there is an important point here; I actually took that fabled left turn at Albuquerque, and can conclusively state that it leads to Applebee's. So that's like eight cartoons that would have been cut short, and for no reason... there are no carrots at Applebee's.


Blogger nicardo1 said...

It was state #47. Henry Avery now lives in Albuquerque (former Director of BRLT).

7:22 PM  

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