Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unfolding Tendrils

Today was the second reserve day I got through without being called up, and so I have used it to find things. Yesterday I drove south and east, and today I went west and north. Found a multiple-screen drive-in theater, a Wal-Mart, and a crapload of taco joints. While doing laundry, I found an arcade that didn't have quarters. Also found a laundromat that featured the dumbest person I have met here:

ME: Hi, can I get a couple dollars in quarters from you?
DUMB: Trade?
ME: Uh... what?
DUMB: What're you trading?
ME: I'm not at all sure what the words you're saying mean.
DUMB: You have to trade me something. I mean, nickels, quarters, dollars?

I think she really thought I was just asking her to give me quarters. What amuses me there is that people seem to have asked her that so many times that she came up with the clever macro of, "Trade?" to avoid having to explain using many words that you can't get stuff for free at this laundromat, Mister.
Haven't got internet installed at the apartment yet, and so here I sit in a hotel parking lot, pirating their wireless network. Hope you all enjoy this particular entry, because it could send me to jail.


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