Friday, October 20, 2006

Those Foul-Mouthed Mormons

So you probably know that Mormons don't drink or smoke. They don't cuss either (unless they have strayed from the path, at which time they are called Jack Mormons, a designation that amuses me no end). I discovered the 'no cussing' thing while I got to know Steve. One thing he did say though, during times of amazement, was, "Oh my heck!" I would laugh every time he said that, because it's such a boneless chicken thing to say. It's like interrupting someone to announce you have nothing to say. And so when I heard someone else say it here just recently, I began to think that maybe it wasn't something that Steve had coined himself... that maybe this thing was global.
This morning, on the freeway, I got proof.


Blogger nicholetreas said...

Hey Phil!!! I'm on the phone with Lillian !!!! She told me about your site and just had to check it out. So what airline do you work for? you can email me back at Oh by the way this is Nichole Brown the dancer girl from SLU.

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