Thursday, October 19, 2006

Steve Is Now Among Us

Your friend and mine, Steve, graduated today. I attended in full flight attendant regalia, and it was great to see him. When we were in school together, he was kinda tense, and I just assumed that was the way he was. Very preoccupied about studying, very nervous about going home. But this time, he was laid back and self assured... I imagine because a) he'd done it all before, and b) this time, he knew for certain that this is where he was meant to be. I don't take a whole lot of security from the higher meaning of things, but some folks do, and man could you see it on him. He was living the dream, see.
Got to meet his wife, about whom he'd said so much during training. She was as proud as a spouse could be (they're 'sealed' rather than married, because they're Mormons... betcha didn't know that), and the last time I saw them, they were headed home on the same flight. Ah, romance.
And oh yeah, he's gonna be domiciled right here in his homeland. So now it'll be the Unholy Six.


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