Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Playing With Doors

Now, the proper procedure for making an airplane go is this: the flight attendant closes the main cabin door, turns to the pilots, makes a thumbs-up, says, "Ready for taxi," and then closes the cockpit door (I thought that was very funny when I learned that... the concept of me, having been in the industry for two months, telling a seasoned pilot that he's ready to taxi). The way I did it one day a week ago was: not close the main cabin door, turn to the pilots, make a thumbs-up, say, "Ready for taxi," and then close the cockpit door. The co-pilot kept trying to open the cockpit door back up to tell me to close the cabin door, and I kept pushing it back closed, thinking why won't this door close? I felt a little dumb when I figured out what was happening. And on certain models of cabin doors, there's a plunger that you pull to seal the plane, and once I forgot to do that and gave 'em the thumbs-up. Pilot said, "Nope, check your door." I quickly discovered what I'd missed and pulled the plunger, which promptly pressurized every ear on board. "Aaaaa," everyone says.
"THAT did it," says the co-pilot, one finger in his ear.
Today, my phone rang while I was closing the door. What you have to know about my phone is that I've set the ringer to some wierd sci-fi sound so that I know my phone from all of yours. Sounds like a high pitched whistle. Also, it apparently sounds like a pressure seal leak, which is where air gets sucked out of a break in the door seal and makes all the passengers pass out and die... that's why the captain turned around, said, "Hey, you hear that?" and almost depressurized the plane.
I don't think there's another way to mess up closing a door, but if there is, I feel confident I'll find it.


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