Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Evening Of Suck, With Evanescence

So a few days ago, I became aware that one of my favorite bands happened to be playing Salt Lake City at a place called the Great Salt Air. Evanescence is a dark and moody goth rock group from Arkansas, and the singer is good enough to transcend being in a dark and moody goth rock group and drag the rest of the band with her. I decided to go be in attendance, and was thrilled to find that tickets, that in other cities cost hundreds, were only 30 bucks.
This should have been a clue.
The Great Salt Air is an ancient resort that's about ten feet off the actual Salt Lake. Built in the early 1800's, this place has fallen into ruin and/or burnt down to the ground no less than six times. You would think that it would be the perfect place for a dark and moody goth rock band to play. You would be wrong, because the Great Salt Air is a pit. When I got there, they couldn't even handle a debit card. Maybe I just don't go to enough shows and all of you on the concert circuits are screaming, "Well YEAH you have to pay cash at a show!" But to that, I riposte, "Get moving you luddite bastards, the future isn't going to come to you and your abacus." So after driving twenty miles to find cash that these people would understand, I got inside the place. What a hole. A big featureless concrete slab, with a rudimentary balcony you have to pay five bucks to get onto, and then when you do, you find that only the first row can see, and the rest of you have to rustle around like kittens to get a view. Terrible, terrible venue. I don't hardly remember what the band played or what they did, this place sucked so hard. The show was only an hour long, and I don't blame 'em... I wouldna stayed on that stage any longer than that myself.
What a gyp.


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