Friday, September 15, 2006

Welcome To The Airline Industry, Kid - Part Two

OK, now today was fun.
Took off from Lexington without incident (it was only later, when someone reminded me, that I remembered this was the place where Comair took off from the wrong runway). Landed at ORD, where we discovered that my bag had been lost... yes, it happens to us too, ha ha. Flew to Kansas, back to Chicago, and then to Nebraska, where we amused ourselves for the evening in Lincoln. Being part of a flight crew takes some getting used to, because whereas normal folk think, "Let's go to that restaurant on the other side of town for dinner," we say, "Let's go to that restaurant seven states away for dinner." And the pilots, when they're not wearing their piloty shirts with the black ties, look just like you and me... you could be standing in an elevator next to a person who drives a multi-million dollar aircraft, and you'd never know.
Learned a little more today. Served drinks off the hell-cart. The first three rows of passengers inevitably discovered that I was new, and all gave me the atta-boy when they deplaned.


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