Monday, September 04, 2006

A La Cart

I had never thought about this, but there's a kitchen on planes. It's called the galley, and first off, let me tell you, I think it's really cool to work on a thing that has a 'galley,' because it makes it sound like your office is a pirate ship. Having said that, the galley is a nightmare. Imagine your kitchen. Now imagine it crammed inside the back seat of a Chevy Nova. Now imagine all the cabinets are stainless steel, shaped exactly the same, and bear cryptic numbers like 205, 209, and 236. And then imagine that if you open any three in a row (that's if you can figure out how to undo the latching mechanism), you may find peanuts, safety equipment, and the onboard wheelchair. Welcome to the random un-user-friendliness that is the galley.
And the cart. Oh, the cart. It doesn't go where you want, because it weighs more than you do. It has a brake, because it actually likes to go, but just not where you want it to. And because of this propensity for going, you're not allowed to be more than three seats from it at any time. The captains know this, and so they have the co-pilot watch you through the flight deck door to see when you're on the other end of the aircraft, and then call you on the phone and laugh while you drag the unholy thing all the way up to where the phone is.
Yeah, this is going to be a fun job.


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