Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Hunt For Rent, October

On the ground here in SLC. I was the last of the Unholy Five to arrive, due to unforseen snafus in flying as an employee (you'd think flying for free would be complicated, and you would be right if you thought that). The other four were already here, using their company hotel days, looking for a place to live. When I went out house-hunting with them, I saw that we are a realtor's nightmare:

REALTOR: So, what kind of property are you looking for?
US: Well, a five bedroom, furnished, on a month to month lease for less than two hundred. With no credit check. Oh, and we've only been employed for three weeks. Got anything like that?

The other four have been called out to fly, and that makes me next. We'll be coming back to nothing if we don't hear back from anyone we talked to. There is just now snow on the mountains, and I hope we won't be sleeping outside in it next month...


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