Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Circle Is Now Completer

I am now officially a Flight Attendant.
This morning, after waking up to an eleventh-floor vista that looked as much like Lexington as it did Lincoln, I got onto an airplane wearing the same clothes I was wearing yesterday and took command. Amy sat down and watched, clipboard in hand. Made all the announcements you people never listen to with only a few hitches (I have pioneered a technique wherein, when you forget your place in an announcement, you lean over and pretend to press a button out of view of the passengers, so not only does it look like you didn't forget anything, it looks like you're good at multitasking and just did something important). Solved a seating snafu all by myself. Closed some overhead bins. Checked some seatbelts. Stocked my galley. At the end, I ushered the passengers off my aircraft with grace and style, and then Amy sat me down and said, "Sign here... you're one of us now."
Spent the rest of the day on a plane deadheading (which is where you fly on the clock but off duty), wondering just what the hell I've gotten myself into. But I'll tell you this... my wings feel just a bit more real now.
Now I pack and wait to hear when I'm supposed to relocate. And oh yeah, they found my bag... in Lexington. It's shipping home tomorrow (what a useless word 'home' is these days). That means I'll be able to get through a trip with more than one uniform, ha ha.


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