Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes... Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Yeah, I went and saw Snakes On A Plane. Couldn't miss the opportunity to go see that piece of crap with a bunch of flight attendants. And oh was it a piece. Of crap. The reviews will tell you that if you expect greatness from something with a name like Snakes On A Plane, you're begging for disappointment, and they're right. But it was worth it just to see how many Federal Aviation Regulations they threw completely out the cabin door (yeah, I'm a dork). There is a gay flight attendant character (surprise... a stereotype), and after one of his stereotypical shticks, a guy in the audience next to us wonders aloud to his girl, "Are there even male flight attendants out there?"
Closer than you think, buddy.
And oh yeah... seeing Samuel L. deliver that line everyone's been waiting for about the snakes and the plane and the MF and all... well, that was worth the price of admission. That, and purchasing an actual seat in a movie theater. Like D12 a seat. A bellhop helped us find them, no joke. Progressive theaters they have here in Utah.


Blogger Tony Smith said...

I saw this on a flight back from Oz.

Yes! They actually put it on as an in-flight movie!

Yeha, the film was pants but it was quite spooky to look up from the screen and see the same scene

4:23 AM  

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