Friday, August 18, 2006

Chiming In

OK, so everybody who's been on a plane knows about those annoying little dings that happen now and again. Did you know they meant something? I didn't, and neither did you.
For eight hours we pored over these signals. Sometimes they mean one thing, and sometimes there are two and then mean another, and then sometimes an accompanying red light makes them mean a third thing, or a blue light a fourth thing. And then each of the aforementioned situations can signify different things during the different phases of flight. And that's just one particular aircraft... we fly three models, and all of them are different.
Again with the crap.
The good news is this... I passed the chime test today, but I was still kinda shaky on what they really meant. But Steve, my roommate, failed. So, in quizzing him in preparation for his retake tomorrow, I have become an expert on all things chime.
The bad news is that our class is down by two; we had a couple of casualties from the retake of yesterday's test this morning. I have seen this happen before in military schools, and was prepared for it, but a lot of the girls were emotionally shaken to lose what have in a short time become friends.
First aid tomorrow.


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